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PDF The books in the Slater Brothers series are set a few years after one another. Alec is set three years after Dominic, Kane is also set 3 years after Dominic, Ryder is set 8 years after Dominic and Damien is also set 8 years after Dominic. Years-later epilogues couldn't be put at the end of the brother's books because of the time setting within each book. Bronagh and Dominic couldn't have a in-the future epilogue because they are only 21 in Alec, they will get their epilogues though. They all will.

This full length book will be a collection of epilogues, and will be completely told in the brothers POV. Each brother will have a few chapters each with an epilogue. Each chapter will be from different stages throughout the years for each couple, you will get inside the Slater brother's heads and find out what they got up to after their books ended.

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