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This classic rhetoric has taught thousands of readers to write clearer, more eloquent prose through practice. Teeming with exercises, The Writer's Options encourages readers to investigate their writing "options" through sentence-combining to create more sophisticated, more effective constructions. This edition brings new Overview and Review sections to each unit as well as new samples. Over 25% of the examples and exercises are new, and like the previous editions, they reflect appealing, interesting themes often in a lighthearted vein. This classic writing guide uses sentence-combining exercises within a rhetorical context to teach readers how to master the conventions of grammar and compound/complex sentence constructions. An introduction to the writing process-including prewriting techniques, drafting, and peer collaboration-is featured at the front of the book, putting the emphasis on writing. Part II offers a review of sentence parts and how they can be varied. The book covers sentence-level matters of style-coherence, tone, and emphasis. Appealing and accessible examples and exercises were chosen specifically to be relevant to today's readers. Expanded coverage of audience and tone provides more rhetorical context for discussions. For those interested in developing their grammar and writing skills at the sentence level.

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