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PDF Have you ever thought, "I'd love a do - over on my life?" Nine year old Duffy Barkley had been offered that chance, and in Duffy Barkley is Not a Dog, he took it - but like every choice, once made, there were consequences to be lived with. For Duffy, going back to an earlier time un-did the damage of serious choices and left him with a stronger instinct for compassion and courage. But it left him without the memories of the life that he had lived and the lessons he had learned. It came with no guarantees that he wouldn't make exactly the same mistakes or new ones again. It left him without the new friends whom he had made but it allowed him a chance to make a friend out of an old enemy - and that was the one chance, which ultimately saved them all, the first time he went to Uhrlin. The thing about do-overs is that there is no chance to sit back and rest on a mountain of your blue ribbons - instead you have to get up before you have ever caught your breath and save yourself all over again. Just because Duffy had managed to erase one tragedy didn't make him immune the next time trouble came looking for him and his friends. Now he's eleven and everyone thinks that one of the most trusted people he knew is a traitor. But he doesn't even remember that he knew her. To find her he must Seek Well. I hope you enjoy this sequel to Duffy Barkley is Not a Dog.

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