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Ezekiel 1–24 - Derek Tidball

In January, Derek Tidball, author and preacher, takes us through the first half of the book of Ezekiel where we see God’s glory depart from Jerusalem, the city razed, and the people scattered. Ezekiel responded to God’s call and interpreted the momentous events through which Israel was living. These dark chapters help us today in understanding the holy heart and fatherly agony of God.

Revelation 1–14 - Vinoth Ramachandra

In February, Vinoth Ramachandra opens up the first 14 chapters of Revelation – a book which offers an alternative view of the world, showing us what it looks like from heaven, the sphere of ultimate reality which is also the world-to-come. As we read this book our response to this world is refocused and we are empowered to resist the lies in which we are enmeshed.

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