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PDF Jaiden Corvone is incognito at a Cyprian Ball as "Madame Corvone," a sophisticated woman vying to become mistress to some wealthy merchant or lord.

Though she was wed to Monsieur Corvone, Jaiden is neither sophisticated, nor prepared, for the juggling act living that sort of life will require.

The oldest of three sisters, Jaiden wed the wrong man and found herself in a nightmare for several years, keeping it all hidden from her family. Now with her parents dead and herself widowed, finally surfacing from the nightmare, she's come to her sisters’ rescue to provide them a chance at a debut—and a choice in life—a luxury she was never afforded.

Expecting her looks and unmistress-like build to attract only green lads or elder gents, Jaiden finds herself the mistress of John (Raven) Myric, Marquis of Weldon. Far from the selfish and barely tolerable lovers other mistresses have told her to expect, Raven is a passionate and exciting man whose every touch makes Jaiden struggle to keep that line between business and her emotions firmly drawn.

Raven has his demons, his memories of war and his present problems with a suicidal brother, and a sister who has changed drastically, due to their father’s insistence on portraying the perfect image. The gulf between himself and his father is as wide as the contrast in their personalities and every encounter ends in icy contempt on both sides. War changed Raven from a privileged aristocrat into a man who tolerated no pretenses. Some of the change in his character is due to meeting up with the "Pirate" Desalle before the war, and seeing a world beyond the ballrooms of London.

Having taken in his brother, now Lady Bronte has sought refuge under his roof,in hopes of escaping a marriage to a man her father has chosen, a sadistic rapist. The battle lines between Raven and his father are clearly drawn, and neither could know that years of betrayal, lies and fear lay behind the duke's perfect persona. Secrets that could well destroy the Myrics and divide the present generation forever.

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