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PDF A collection of short stories. Not recommended for young children.

'Getting the Ball Back' and 'Garden Hopping' are both explored through the excitable and occasionally nervous eyes of a child. There is sometimes a thin line between reality and youthful imagination.

'The Unknown Man' and 'The Creep' provide two interludes in this collection of short stories. 'The Unknown Man' is full of atmosphere and intrigue. Who is he, why is he there and what will be his future fate? Conversely, there is little doubt as to what the disturbed young man in 'The Creep' is doing whilst he lurks in the shadows. Chilling, unwanted attention.

'Give Them A Name' follows the lives of strangers in the same city. We live our lives oblivious – often wilfully – to other people’s backstory until, by luck or misfortune, a group of lives become unforgettably clashed together in the same moment. One action can have unforeseen consequences for many.

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