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PDF Allison Leigh's story was predictably a little better.I've found the second story in these Harlequin duologies tend to be a bit better so I wasn't surprised.I've never read Allison Leigh before and I'm not really sure I'll continue with the series although it was interesting.

The Buchanans and the Days have a bit of a hatred thing going on.Apparently it all goes back to a car crash years before which killed Pa Buchanan.Everyone was angry and guilty so...general hatred for all.

When Cage's daughter Lucy needs some therapy he has to hire a Day to help him out.Belle comes out to the ranch in a live-in capacity (M-F) and begins to take over Lucy's therapy.There she discovers a protective father who hates Day's on principle.Sparks fly and they get involved.Of course Cage makes some stupid thing over her being a Day.

Oh and the biggest thing in this story is Cage's real first name.

It's Unique.Seriously, it is.I figured it out the very first time he started to explain.

I enjoyed the story more but in the end I wouldn't really recommend either of these.They were sort of dry and a little boring.I think the lesson for me is to stop reading the Harlequin duologies for awhile.

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