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PDF In the summer of 1860, Willie Hunt, a young Canadian from Port Hope, Ontario, journeyed to Niagara Falls where he performed incredible deeds high on a tightrope over the river linking Canada with the United States. Hunt, who was billed as The Great Farini, engaged in a number of breathtaking duels with his archrival Blondin, the famous French ropewalker, high above the gorge. The two men risked their lives with every bold step they took along their swaying ropes. In Daredevil Over Niagara, Max Mitchell, an amateur ropewalker, his brother Marty, and their friend Trudy Reeves, take a trip down the River of Time to Niagara Falls where they become friends with The Great Farini and witness his breathtaking triumphsand his final death-defying stunt, one so perilous it leads Farini to the very brink of the American Falls.

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