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PDF A handful of the stories in this collection were excellent. My favorites were Greg Bear's "The White Horse Child," which mixes the desire of a young child with a talent to craft amusing stories with a thoroughly creepypasta farm, set in the context of a war against stodginess and conservatism, and John Varley's "Options" which explores present-day gender roles in the context of a future society where swapping genders is easy, inexpensive, and increasingly common (in some ways resembling Delany's "Triton", and serving as a prologue to Varley's earlier works), and the issues uncovered aren't the ones you'd expect. "The Back Road" is another SCP-like bit of creepypasta, "Will the Chill" is chilling and heartwarming at the same time, and "Nuclear Fission" is another light bit of exploration of future family life in a world which successfully averted the current ecological crises. The balance of the stories here are mediocre at best, downright strange at worst, but not necessarily worth skipping.

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