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PDF Although overall I did enjoy this book, I felt that not enough detail was given to the lives of each princess. As perhaps an introduction to the Stuart princesses, this book is great but for somebody like myself, looking to further my existing knowledge, it falls short.
The author writes well. The chapters flow perfectly and she manages to stay on topic. There are plenty of notes for sources at the back of the book which is good.
The pictures in the book are in black and white which is disappointing as I always prefer nice glossy colour photos of the subjects.
I was highly disappointed with the detail given to Queen Anne, she only had a few pages at the end of the book. Surely a reigning monarch deserves at least one chapter of their own, right? I'd have liked to see more about her relationship with her exiled father, her husband, her dominant friend Sarah Churchill and her many pregnancies.
I did however enjoy the amount of space given to Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia. She would be the Stuart princess that I knew the least about and a fair bit of the book was based around her, her marriage, queenship and her relationships with her immediate and extended family.
As I said, this book is a good book to use as an introduction to the lives if the Stuart girls. If you're looking for a more, in depth bio of their lives, this isn't the book for you.

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