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PDF If you liked "Damaged," then you are going to LOVE this book!

Taylor Murray is your perfect college student - beautiful, brainy, and bold. However, she is having a hard time find balance between college life and college work, struggling the most with her English class, the one she resents the most.

With the added pressure of her boyfriend, Chad, her parents and the peer pressure from her best friend, Nicole, Taylor feels like she is at her wits end.

That is when she gets an idea that worked for a fellow classmate - why not sleep with your English professor to get a better mark? Mr. Carter was, after all, the sexiest instructor around and easily had the best body, even better than some of the jocks on campus.

Sounds like the foolproof plan? Wait until Taylor gets a late night lesson in seduction After Class and realizes, it's not just the perfect grade that she is after.

Genre : New Adult Romance with a Sexy Erotic Twist

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