Margaret Agard - Nursing Fundamentals in the Clinical Setting Part 5 - Safe Medication Administration and How to Avoid Errors. PDF

PDF Regardless of where a nurse works, medication
administration is a part of the routine. Every attempt
should be made to avoid errors. This may not only
be costly, but could have serious consequences.
There are a number of ways in which errors can occur.
Wrong drug calculation or dose, wrong route,
wrong patient, wrong time, getting distracted, poor communication,
floating to an unfamiliar unit, misreading MD orders and more.
The focus of this colorful and easy to understand book, is to
help the nurse with proper administration of medications and
with knowing how to avoid errors.
It is important to follow your Institution’s Policies
and Procedures and Doctor’s orders.

This informative ebook is the fifth ( Part 5 ) in the series. It is
put together by a Registered Nurse with decades of experience in
Advanced Healthcare Facilities, including: PACU, ER, ICU, CCU,
Maternity and more. It is packed with helpful clinical information
for the new or experienced nurse.

CONTENTS (are numbered in the order they occur only )
Topics include:
1. Floating to an unfamiliar unit, ways to avoid medication errors
2. Ways to ensure safe medication administration – (Five Rights, MAR)
3. Common causes of medication errors – kilogram, gram
4. Routes of drug administration
5. Numerical pain scale assessment
6. Medication administration using the wrong route
7. The danger of leaving medication at the bedside of an
unresponsive patient
8. Correct math calculation when administering medication
9. Remembering to document in order to avoid double dosing of a patient
10. Narcotic uses and side effects
11. Avoiding errors when counting narcotics
12. Avoiding medication errors in an emergency situation
13. Examples of incorrect medication administration –
blood pressure pill and TPN
14. Correct use of decimal point and ensuring correct dosage
15. Identifying gram, milligram, microgram, fluid ounce, teaspoon and
16. Medication error brought on by distraction
17. Fall prevention after administration of sleeping pills
18. Anticoagulation therapy and its side effects
19. IV Potassium and its irritation to veins
20. Ensuring proper disposal of used needles and discontinued
IV solution

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