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PDF The award-nominated stories in this collection will bring memories of the future flooding back. Two new stories and all-new afterwords enliven the past with a touch of the present and that which is yet to come.You don't need a collection of antique spaceships or a carefully calibrated time machine to share the memories of the final Holocaust survivor. You don't have to jump through the gate between universes in search of a lost friend. All you have to do is open your eyes. You'll remember the future. The future remembers you.

Absent Friends (1998)
Broken Symmetry (1997)
Cosmic Corkscrew (1998)
Decisions (2004)
Empty Spaces (2008)
I Remember the Future (2008)
Kaddish for the Last Survivor (2000)
Paying It Forward (2003)
Reality Check (1999)
Sanctuary (2005)
Seventy-five Years (2005)
Spaceships (2001)
TeleAbsence (1995)
TelePresence (2005)
Time Ablaze (2004)

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