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PDF The Scottish conflict between the MacDonalds and the Campbells, stemming from the 1692 massacre at Glencoe, has come back to haunt Australian girl Caroline MacDonald. It seems ridiculous, but working in the London office of the irascible Robert Campbell becomes a battle of wits. Forced to give up her European travel plans to assume the temporary job as his secretary, Caro is challenged when he instructs her to get on a plane for Scotland. Problems have arisen over Robert’s inheritance of a Scottish castle. His presence is required in Scotland to sort things out and he needs her assistance.
Caro arrives as a blizzard descends on the countryside, marooning her in the castle with her cantankerous boss. The storm causes a tree to fall on the castle conservatory, causing a power blackout out, and destroying the telephone landline. Consequently, Caro and Robert find themselves in freezing conditions, unable to communicate with anyone.
Their ensuing struggle to cope with the raging weather, the damage to the castle, and the sudden discovery of a challenge to Robert’s inheritance from a previously unknown family member, throw them together. Is there really a castle ghost? Who is Joshua Drayton? What is the secret hidden behind the stone walls of the castle?
When the castle ghost turns deadly, Caro and Robert must work jointly to solve an old mystery, and in doing so find friendship and love. At Glencoe they put old antagonisms to rest, but fail to see the ensuing threat to Caro’s life.

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