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PDF Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd left the States on October 13, 1928, aboard the C.A. Larsen, headed for New Zealand. The Bolling, City of New York, and James Clark Ross, all loaded with the necessary planes, dogs, men and equipment, and had been dispatched previously. When all of the ships reached New Zealand, they condensed the load to only two ships, the Bolling and the City of New York. The expedition ultimately would reach the Ross Ice Shelf on December 28, 1928. Days of laborious unloading supplies and building shelters followed the Expedition's arrival in Antarctica, resulting in a complete village that Byrd named "Little America." Aside from an administration building and bunk house, the complex included three radio antenna towers, a mess hall, hangers for the airplanes, storage sheds and a machine shop that contained the first generator of electricity in Antarctica.

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