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PDF Hello, my name is Bubbles The Tractor and I live in a barn on Messybrook Farm with my chums Larry the Lawnmower and Look Out Below a very clumsy, but loveable crane. Together we seem to get into all sorts of exciting adventures and meet lots of nice people. And some not so nice.

Messybrook Farm is owned by Stanley and his devoted wife June who both take great care of us. Stanley recently retired from the local Messybrook Cove Police Force and still likes to stay tuned to local events by listening to his old Police Radio in the barn. Stanley doesn't know we talk to each other, that's our little secret and I hope you can keep it a secret too. When Stanley leaves the barn we turn the radio on and find out if anyone needs our help and this is when the fun really begins.

During this story I meet a giant tractor named Goliath and his equally nasty owner. The story is all about my determination to succeed against all odds.

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