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PDF Talba Wallis, hip and happening PI, a.k.a. the Baroness Pontalba, starof the New Orleans avant garde, was first introduced in Louisiana Hotshot and returnsin this deft, well-written mystery about Babalu Maya, a "healer" who wants toknow if her boyfriend is cheating on her. Shortly after Talba confirms herclient's suspicions, Babalu dies of a heroin overdose the police are certain isa suicide. But both Talba and Jason, Babalu's contrite and confused boyfriend,find it such an improbable scenario that he hires Talba to find out what reallyhappened. Unraveling the mystery takes the sassy sleuth with the attitude that'sbigger than she is to the small Louisiana town where Babalu was born and to theprominent, influential family that turned its back on her a long time ago. Whilethe plot isn't much more than a routine Southern gothic, the heroine is: TalbaWallis is a lively, engaging protagonist with family secrets of her own that arerevealed in a secondary plot that's much more interesting than the primary one.Smith, the author of three other series, has a real winner in this one.—Jane Adams

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