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PDF A very special jukebox in the abandoned saloon of a dusty deserted town plays much more than mere tunes for two weary wanderers… A travelling carnival in a post-apocalyptic world comes across the Earth's very last vampire… A chair fashioned out of the wood from the original cross provides a comfort of sorts down the ages… A lonely girl dreams of freedom, whatever the cost… A one-time orphan embarks on a bizarre bus-journey with his newfound parents… Two old men tamper with the dark arts and open a gateway that threatens the destruction of the world… A grieving widower goes to great lengths to bring his wife back from the dead—only to find that she's brought someone else with her… And a man uses a roll of magical tape to halt time and save his wife's life, unaware that there are things in this stopped-clock dimension that take a dim view of visitors… Twelve more stories from the fertile mind of Peter Crowther, award-winning author of The Longest Single Note, Songs of Leaving, Lonesome Roads and the Forever Twilight SF/horror sequence.

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