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PDF It has been said that for the Chinese "a house is a living symbol" one endowed with meaning and the result of conscious action. This well-written and copiously illustrated book reveals dwellings as the dynamic entities that express the vitality of Chinese families as each journeys through life. As Ronald G. Knapp has shown in earlier studies of Chinese vernacular architecture, the spaces and structures that comprise dwellings throughout China are replete with striking meanings, echoing the most fundamental aspects of Chinese culture. China's Living Houses is the first book in any language to explore comprehensively the extraordinarily complex links among folk beliefs and household ornamentation across time, space, and social class.China's Living Houses includes traditional and modern drawings and photographs taken by the author throughout China over the past thirty years. Specialists and students of China in many disciplines will appreciate the author's wide-ranging approach that relates symbols and folklore to their use in daily life. The book will also be relevant to general readers interested in understanding popular beliefs (particularly fengshui) and the cross-cultural meaning of dwellings around the world.

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