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PDF The Starlight Club is jumping . . .

All Big Red Fortunato wants to do . . . is clear his name and get his movie studio running in the black, but lately problems appear whenever he tries to leave Queens.

Was it destiny that caused the world's most beautiful actress to be shoved into the protective arms of the most powerful mobster in Queens, NY at the exact moment that assassins tried to kill her? Red wonders who wants her dead, and why?

This was a war Big Red never wanted, but he's not immune to the charms of the beautiful actress. Red never wore his heart on his sleeve but the more he gets to know Marilyn Monroe the more he finds himself drawn to her. But sinister forces are at work and, as he tries to protect the beautiful movie queen; he is unwittingly drawn into a web of deceit that reaches into the highest levels of government.

Red tells Marilyn . . . "From now on wherever you go Trenchie goes with you. And if he's with you, you'll stay alive."

Red is proud of his three fighters. Henri was just crowned the Welterweight Champ. Swifty is scheduled to fight for the Middleweight Championship of the world - but Red's heavyweight fighter Gonzo has a problem. His opponent has just lapsed into a coma from a powerhouse right hand to his head … and he may not live.

Joey Bones shook his head. "What do we do now? Here we are holed up with the most popular female star in the world and if the authorities find that we have her, they'll think we kidnapped her."

Richard Nixon is scheduled to speak at the Republican Convention in Madison Square garden, where assassins plan to kill him. Red must protect Nixon and his family. The question is - why is Nixon being targeted? Red wonders. Is there a connection between Marilyn and Nixon?

In Madison Square Garden Red asks Frankie Carbo. "Frankie if you wanted to kill Nixon, where would you place your shooter." "That's easy." He said pointing to the highest point in the Garden. "I'd put him up there in the eagle's

She whispered to him softly, “I only have one good friend and that’s … Joe.” Her hand lingered over his scars and his hand remained over hers. Her face was close to his, almost brushing it. He turned to say something, but their lips touched and he kissed her tenderly. The kiss lingered longer than either of them expected. He didn’t want the kiss to end, but he broke away.

Marilyn promised Frank Sinatra that she'd be at the grand opening of his Cal Neva Lodge. Red wants to go with her for protection, but problems with a Neo Nazi group has surfaced so instead he sends Joey Bones to protect her.

"Make sure nothing happens to her Joey. Because if something does, I'm holding you responsible."

A Nazi youth group desecrates a Jewish Temple in Queens and the Rabbi is threatened. Red must deal with the problem.

Red made sure that Frankie the Horse's wife received a check every week he was in prison. But now he’s out and he wants more money. What does he have that can hurt Red?.

It was hard for Pissclams to do, but he completed the job. Now Red asks him to follow him into the cellar, but Pissclams is worried about who might be down there waiting for him.

The re-grand opening of the Starlight Club is an extravaganza that regulars would never miss. A surprise guest entertainer always provides the entertainment. This night Red's guests are in for a very special treat.

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