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PDF “An electrifying novel of twin identities in a caldron of suspense and tension. A thrilling new talent grabs at our hearts.” (Hank Searls, author of Overboard, Jaws 2 and Sounding.)

“Premonition weaves sound forensic science clues into a page-turning mystery. A kidnapping of twin girls several years before with only one twin recovered leaves Samantha with a premonition that her twin is still alive. The premonition and too many loose ends in the case convince Samantha to search for her missing twin. Samantha persuades a young detective to re-open the case. Strange occurrences at a retirement home, a shady psychiatrist, and her mother’s bizarre behavior all contribute to the mystery. Police investigators utilize toxicology, fingerprints, DNA, tire impression evidence, luminal, and crime scene analysis to help solve the puzzling mystery. As a Criminalist and Crime Scene Investigator, I found the author’s forensic science principles accurate and crime scene procedures sound. She has an excellent grasp of the crucial role of forensic evidence in a crime scene. She has woven criminal investigation with forensic science to create a fascinating novel.” Mary A. Brandon, Sergeant Criminalist, Portland Police Bureau, Portland, OR.


The scream pierced the early morning silence like the shriek of an angry leopard. He bolted upright in his bed, reached for his gun and looked around the room. Then he realized: the cry had come from his own throat, from deep within his body, from memories. He waited and listened for running footsteps in the hall, but no one came. Exhausted, he fell back and began to shake. The sheets were damp from perspiration and the room was cold. He pulled himself from the bed, touched the thermostat and walked to the window. As he stood there listening to the familiar click of the radiator, he watched the crimson dawn spill across the Willamette.

It would be his first day back after a week at the beach. He wasn't ready to work; he wanted to go back to clam digging and surfing and climbing the wet rocks, back to feeding the seagulls. He didn't want to reopen the case, to remember what had happened that night eleven years ago, but Samantha had come home. She said she knew her sister was still alive. Maybe she'd found new evidence; maybe she was right

Gordon turned into the park, stopped the car and got out. He tried to recall the facts of the kidnapping. Lazily, he walked across the lawn to the clump of trees where the bicycle had been found. He pulled the teddy bear from his pocket and stared at it as if he were expecting it to tell him something, to reveal some new piece of evidence they had missed. He sat down at the picnic table, the same one that had been there that night. It was old and grimy now and etched with love notes and initials. As his finger traced a heart pierced by an arrow, the events of that night eleven years ago returned.

As Samantha eased past merging traffic, she thought about the letter in her handbag. She had intended to give it to Wes the night before, but changed her mind when she recalled the threat the writer had made. Your sister is gone! Accept it, or you will end up a psycho like your mother, and Gordon will be dead! It had been dropped into a roadside box, typed on a cheap, old-fashioned typewriter that hadn't been cleaned in years. Sam dismissed it as being sent by a prankster, but she kept it hidden away in a small box in her closet. It never occurred to her at the time that it might help solve the case of her sister’s abduction.

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