Joanne Mattern - Young Martin Luther King, Jr.. PDF

PDF This simply written early biography is from the Troll First-Start Biography series. It introduces Martin Luther King, Jr. in a simple, straight-forward way. It follows his life, hitting the highlights (and lowlights) of his role in ending segregation.
The first page shows MLK as an adult and gives a short summary of who he was. Then the story begins when he was probably as young as some of the readers. The illustrations are richly colored in earth and skin tones. The text would work alone, but the illustrations are kid friendly and help to depict the times in which MLK grew up. It would be a great starting point for kids to 1) learn about MLK, and 2) discover that biographies can be interesting. The size of the book is perfect as is the square shape. It comes across as a book that a kid would want to keep.

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