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PDF "Mahathir Mohamad, in this book, reflects on Asean and its role and where it is heading. In so far as he is concerned, Asean should remain at the forefront of the foreign-policy priorities of each member nation. The rationale behind this thinking is that the vital role of Asean as a stabilising force and as a catalyst in developing the economic resilience of the region cannot be denied. "We cannot prosper alone in a region that is in turmoil and unstable," Mahathir argues. "To prosper we must have the kind of regional environment that is conducive to economic growth."" This collection of speeches demonstrates Mahathir's continuous call for a stable and cohesive Asean, his caring attitude towards the well-being and prosperity of the Asean peoples and his concern over the organisation succumbing to external pressures. Besides this, he also looks at such topics as globalisation, protectionism, Asian values, the Asian financial crisis, democracy and economic cooperation.

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