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PDF Michael Faraday (1791–1867) was the greatest physicist of the nineteenth century, a pioneer in experimentation in the fields of electricity and magnetism. He is best known for his discovery of the principle of electromagnetic induction and the laws of electrolysis.
In Experimental Researches in Electricity, first published in three volumes between 1839 and 1855, Faraday discusses the inquiries that led to his development of the first dynamo (the precursor of modern dynamos and generators), and his establishment of the foundations of classical field theory. His descriptions contain scarcely a hint of mathematics, and he relates the progress of his experiments in direct, clear language. Using the primitive tools available to him in his time, in conjunction with his great imaginative gifts, Faraday explains how he arrived at his profound conclusions with stunning simplicity.
"The writing is interesting and the expositions are impressive." — Florida Scientist. 1914 edition.

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