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PDF In his day job, Herbert Kornfeld served as the accounts receivable supervisor of Midstate Office Supply — Wisconsin's oldest wholesaler and retailer of office supplies and business machines. But until his tragic death in 2007, Kornfeld was best known for his other occupation: unrelenting Onion columnist. Kornfeld wrote with an unflinching passion, never more evident than in columns like "What Y'all Heard About Tha CPA Convention Be LIES," "Keepin' It Real In Tha Midstate Crib," "Cash-Room Bitch Be Havin' My Shortie," and of course, "I Gots To Represent At Tha Muthafuckin' Company Picnic." After succumbing to white-on-white violence during an office turf war, the Onion immediately went to work on compiling The Best Of Herbert Kornfeld. We know Kornfeld would agree when we say this collection is truly "off tha chain."

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