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PDF The opinion-editorial, or op-ed, is among the most powerful and persuasive types of writing in modern American journalism. In just 600-800 words, writers dig deep lines in the sand and give readers unfiltered and unashamed opinion. Now, in a collection of his most popular and sometimes most controversial op-eds, George Landrith takes his shots at junk science, high-profile liberals, big government hypocrites, media bias, and more.

Is global warming a reality that deserves serious attention or a myth perpetuated by leftist scientists and Hollywood liberals?
Does America's mainstream media bring you unbiased, unfiltered news, or is there a legitimate liberal media bias that paints their reporting?
Do liberals get a bad rap as being soft on defense or do they really operate under the "John Kerry Global Test" doctrine that requires international permission slips to defend America?
All good questions you might ask your neighbor, your know-it-all brother-in-law, or Dan Rather from CBS.

Or you could ask someone with more than 20 years' experience in politics and public policy.

A good op-ed writer aims to change minds. In Mr. Landrith's first collection of high-octane opinion editorials, he just might change yours.

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