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PDF Update 25/01/2015

"I am on the last round of edits for In the Absence of Light and the God Code before they are getting shipped off to the editor, then I will be finishing Thirteen. Hopefully everything will be out by the end of March so there were be plenty of new books to read."


Update (April 24th, 2014)

"Good News for all the Other fans. I'm back on Thirteen and think I am close bringing it to a close. Might have a chapter or two to go, but that's it.
Bad news is that it will end on a cliff hanger. Really bad news, I'm going right into Nine so you won't murder me in my sleep for said cliffhanger.
So you gotta few more months before it's done. At least you won't have to wait very long for the third book, because it will already be out.
The one bright spot in all this? I've also started on Four."

Chapter or two to go: description
CLIFFIE!?!?!? : description
9? 9 the Puppetmaster is next??? description
And 4 is having his own book?!:description

Well, that makes me wonder where is 23 in all of this... (come on, 23 needs to be happy. It's the law. )description



Can't wait!!!

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