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PDF Race, a private eye excop in the year 2105, struggles to control Ralph, an artificial personality implanted in Race so that he could infiltrate the crime syndicates. Ralph is a sociopath; immune to the antiviolence conditioning everyone receives. The Race personality retains control of his body until Astra, Race's secret fantasy, is slipped protoerotoskillen, a drug that turns her into a love-slave. To save Astra, Race releases the Ralph personality so that he can force Todd, Astra's handler, to tell him how to counter the drug. Race also forces Todd to give evidence against the crime syndicate to the police.
Lois, a dirty cop, breaks Todd out ofcustody and takes him to Percival, the local crime boss. Percival becomes aware of Ralph's existence and decides to increase Race's stress level so that the Ralph personality can take control. With the precision of a chess master Percival uses protoerotoskillen and venusfly, a drug that induces a nearly irresistible lust, to manipulate Race’s family and friends towards their destruction.
Will Race realise his loved ones are under attack in time to save them? Is Astra's love real or drug induced. Will it be enough to hold Race’s sanity together? What does Ralph think, and can a sociopath learn to love? Most importantly, how can a man who can't hit back defend what he holds dear?

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