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PDF Lehman and DuFrene deliver top-notch coverage of business communication concepts and skills within a dynamic new strategic framework. This strategic model shows students how diversity, technology, legal and ethical constraints, and a team environment influence communication in the workplace. New cases, team-building exercises, and technology applications develop critical-thinking and decision-making skills and reinforce the connection between strategic communication and workplace success.Business Communication: Process and Product provides the atmosphere of an exciting real-life business environment for business communication, without sacrificing sound pedagogy. The text takes students inside some of the country's best-run and most respected organizations. More importantly, it balances this exposure with a well-developed, consistently applied process approach to communication. Students learn a unique 3x3 Writing Process for solving future communication problems, a tangible strategy they can apply in their careers. In addition to a process, the text provides extensive products and examples of that process.

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