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PDF Polly and Gertie can't wait to go to the singing festival to compete against other schools. This time they're going to The Opera House. And that means they'll be famous

When Miss Badger bans Polly from the choir for singing out of tune, Gertie refuses to go to the festival without her best friend. The headmistress, Mrs Godbolt can't have that because Gertie had the best voice in the whole school.

Polly comes up with a brilliant idea. She says she's a great actress and could easily mime instead of singing. The headmistress agrees, but Miss Badger is horrified. She tellsMrs Godbolt that Polly stunk out their classroom and suggests she'll probably make a bad smell on the stage at the festival. And what if she broke her promise and sang instead of miming? Then they'd have no chance of winning.

Well, no way is Polly letting anyone stop her from going to The Opera House. How else can she become famous? And she's not leaving Mange behind either. 'Cause Great Aunt Mabel is back and she doesn't even like dogs. She'd only stick him in the shed with the chook poo and feed him fish heads for dinner.

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