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PDF If you are a sales manager who leads a team of salespeople, you’re under constant pressure to grow your revenue numbers and deliver results.

Whether you’re a B2C regional sales manager, or the international sales director of a large B2B, your job is the same… it’s to help the sales teams you lead achieve and exceed their sales targets.

Being a sales manager is a tough job.

It’s not all spreadsheets and forecasts… it’s about people and teams.

It’s about emotions, motivation and inspiration. It’s about picking people up when they are down... and driving them to even greater heights when they have already met their targets.

Being a sales manager is about coaching, developing and nurturing a team.

But how do you do that effectively?

How do you create a sales team which can meet and exceed its revenue targets month on month, and year on year?

Enter Enterprise LEADER.. a ‘low-cost’, ready made team development program which is proven to help sales managers like you (including branch, area, regional, territory, national, international and channel sales managers) improve team performance and sales results — i.e. more sales, more customers, more profits, more cash, better service, better quality, better results… faster, quicker, easier and with less resources.

In this short guide, you’ll learn more about Enterprise LEADER Team Development Program, and discover how you can use it in your own sales team (i.e sales reps, account executives, account managers, field sales, product specialists, etc) to unlock the potential of every team member, helping drive your sales team forward to even greater heights.

You’ll discover how sales managers around the world are using Enterprise LEADER to fill each salesperson with the confidence they need to reach even the most challenging of stretch goals.

Whether the sales team you lead sells ball bearings, beer, books or bonds, or TVs, tractors, transistors or training (or any other product or service you can think of), the ideas in this book will work for you.

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