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PDF Simon Maldon’s life is much different now.He previously spent a lot of time at Hampstead Castle when Princess Elizabeth was staying there.The two had several adventures during that period.Then Elizabeth’s father passed away and Elizabeth went to live at Whitehall with His Majesty Edward the 6th.

Simon has taken a position as an apothecary's apprentice.Simon is also engaged to Hannah and they hope to marry as soon as Simon can be in charge of a shop of his own. When one of the King’s advisors is murdered, Thomas Cuthbert, the apothecary that Simon works under, is summoned to the castle on an urgent matter.Thomas asks Simon to accompany him. Thomas is assigned to examine the body ofLord Amberson, the deceased, and attempt to determine how he was poisoned.Thomas Cuthbert is ordered to bring to the castle whatever was necessary in order to protect the King from poisoning.

Simon fears for Elizabeth’s safety but Elizabeth is concerned about the fate of her brother.A second death occurred on the same day when a young French maid took a fall on the steps and died.It seemed no one was entirely safe at the castle.

Simon received a letter stating simply that he was to be in Richmond Park the next day at noon. The note was signed E.When Simon and Elizabeth met, she begged him to help her find the underlying cause of the deaths at Whitehall.She also asked Simon to ask Hannah to come to Whitehall to work for Elizabeth. In that way, Hannah could be allowed to meet Simon in the evening and they could pass messages without anyone in the castle being the wiser.

Simon and Hannah agreed and they both found themselves in danger on more than one instance as they tried to discover who was behind the poisoning.Hannah was not excited about the task at first but soon was as interested and brave as Simon.Simon had to resort to numerous disguises in order to spy in locations where he really had no business.

Poison, Your Grace is an entertaining read.The politics and power seeking that went on at Whitehall is never ending and frightening to see what lengths people will go to for money and power.

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