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PDF Really, I only liked the last issue. Yes, it felt like it should go in to a longer, independent story line about Spike hunting down Senior Partners, but it does also serve it's purpose as a lead in to the end of Season 8 when Spike shows up.

The writing wasn't great, it felt overly re-cappy at times. Which was, in a way, a good thing at times because the art was so bad that you often didn't know what was going on. Franco Urru's art was the only good art in the book; was so relieved when the last issue was by him again. Was a shame he couldn't do the whole run.

It's somewhat odd, however, that the Senior Partners were shown in this run when they've never been seen before. But I haven't been following the IDW Angel series since the end of After the Fall (I tried the Kelley Armstrong issues but quickly gave up as they were really terrible (art and writing both) and I didn't bother with the run that continued on from that either). While it was fun, it did kind of removed from their mystique in a way

So, in summary, the series was rather a flop for me but is worth reading for the last issue alone. Especially if you've read Buffy Season 8.

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