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PDF On the part of the patient, healthcare demands unconditional trust in the professional. But what is the nature of this trust, and to what extent is it justified? How significant is the fallout when it is abused?
Incorporating sociological, psychological and philosophical approaches, this book examines notions of trust in the self, others and systems in the field of healthcare. The text explores:
-rational and emotional aspects of trust
-power balances between the patient and healthcare professional
-historical crises of trust in healthcare, considering the impacts and
the lessons learned
-means of strengthening public trust in the healthcare system and its
Distinctive in its breadth and coverage, Examining Trust in Healthcare provides a multidisciplinary perspective of a key element of patient care. This makes the book fundamental reading for students, academics and professionals across all branches of healthcare, as well as an important resource for those with professional and academic interests in the psychology and sociology of health.

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