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PDF This book describes the expression of love in many different ways all across the world. It shows how cultures are very different but, common in the way they show love. The text is very simple but, explanatory. This is a very good book for younger children because it consists of more pictures than words. Instead of painted or drawn illustrations, Ken Heyman uses actual photographs from many different cultures around the world. The photos are great, and they tell a story alone, without the text. The pictures prompt students to have discussions on many different family and cultural traditions. For example, there is a picture of child being bathed in a pail outside in front of everyone. Also, there are pictures of African, Indian, Hispanic families and many more. The author, Ann Morris, uses simple but explicit text to describe love. For example she says, “Mommies and Daddies take care of you for a long time, they give you food and make sure that you are clean and tidy.” As a teacher, I would use this book to educate my students on cultures around the world. I would use it to help them to learn to respect one another’s cultural differences. I would use the photographs in this text to create exposure for my students. Lastly, I would use this book as a starting point to go in depth in a multicultural theme. This book is truly like a journey around the world!

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