M.J. Lawless - Fragile Crystal (The Crystal Fragments Trilogy, #2). PDF

PDF The second part of the Crystal Fragments trilogy.

Jealousy is a dangerous addiction.

After the torrid beginning of their affair, Kris Avelar has achieved a degree of freedom that will allow her not merely to withstand the demands of her lover, Daniel Stone, but also rise up to the challenges that he places upon her body and soul. If he is her demon lover—a troubled, wealthy man with his own dark secrets—then she is an artist who can transform those secrets into something brilliant, shining and beautiful.

Yet if Kris is the most perfect lover that Daniel has known since the death of his wife, she is not the first. And so when she encounters the lawyer, Maria Gosselin, she understands just how all-consuming her jealousy can be, especially when when Maria makes it clear that she believes there is unfinished business between her and the rich founder of Stone Enterprises.

Seeking at first only to understand more about Daniel’s past and to uncover the motives behind Maria’s actions, Kris begins to pursue the woman. It comes as a shock to her, then, to discover that her own attraction to this strong, clever rival threatens to overwhelm her own senses—and that Maria is more than happy to use this to get everything that she wants, even if it means destroying whatever fragile happiness Kris and Daniel have achieved.

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