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PDF Caryl Churchill, hailed by Tony -Kushner as "the greatest living English language playwright," has turned her extraordinary dramatic gifts to the subject of human cloning—how might a man feel to discover that he is only one in a number of identical copies. And which one of him is the original. . . ?

Caryl Churchill is the author of some twenty plays including Cloud Nine, Top Girls, The Skriker, Blue Heart and Far Away.

A Number confirms Chuchill’s status as the first dramatist of the 21st century. On the face of it, it is human cloning… Like all Churchill’s best plays, A Number deals with both the essentials and the extremities of human experience… The questions of this brilliant, harrowing play asks are almost unanswerable, which is why they must be asked” – Sunday Times

“Caryl Churchill’s magnificent new play only last an hour but contains more drama, and more ideas, than most writers manage in a dozen full-length works.” – Daily Telegraph

“Caryl Churchill’s never stands still. After the dystopian nightmare of Far Away, she now comes up with a challenging new form of moral inquiry. And the key question she asks in this play is from what the essential core of self derives: from nature or nurture, genetic inheritance or environmental circumstance?” – Guardian

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