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PDF The Big, Bad Wolf is going to teach Red a thing or two about the dangers of bringing in strays...

It should have been just another ordinary stroll through the woods for Red, but when she finds a wounded wolf by the edge of the road, she can't help but stop. Her kind, gentle heart ensures she won't let a creature suffer, no matter how dangerous it is. But healing the animal's wounds has unexpected consequences, and she's shocked as she watches it transform from a vicious beast into a man she once knew.

Jonah isn't sure she shouldn't have just let him die. His curse has turned him into a monster, and his unnatural hunger makes him something less than human. Red is in danger as long as he's around, but he can't bring himself to leave her without teaching her a thing or two about the perils of rescuing strays.

His lessons are erotic, punishing, and intense. But the biggest threat he poses isn't to Red's body... it's to her heart.

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