Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti - Hermitage Leningrad. PDF

PDF Got this one out of the robotic storage archive at the university library a few years ago and it's the best book on the great St. Petersburg art museum that I've perused so far. Would love to find a copy to buy and own. As I recall there were pictures of the great halls themselves—which are works of art in their own right—and not just the art hanging on the walls. I like to get a sense of the places and spaces themselves and how those spaces blend and merge with the art to create the whole magic of a great museum. As I recall there was not much text, and what I best remember of that was the story of how the heroic staff and administrators of the museum hastily and as carefully as possible removed and crated every single work to protect them from possible Nazi shelling and bombing during the horrid 900-day epic siege of the city during World War II.

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