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PDF Terrific First Love - part of a series within a series - the logo actually reads Blossom Valley book. And features Janine and Craig Mathews who as the title implies fell in - Love at First Sight back in book #9 but are now married and expecting their first baby. The heroine of this story is Chrissie Quayle a model pretty girl who's been raised that in this world, it's good enough just to be beautiful but Chrissie's not so sure , she'd like to loosen up , get mussed - especially by Adam Norwood one of the Norwood triplets. But it takes more than looks to impress Adam - he's a pushy and often arrogant idealist who when he's not creating organizations to help out the overwhelmed or socially backward, he's fixing problems like the one that arrises when Chrissie's planned vacation with her friends at her families cabin is foiled when her mother backs out due to conflicting obligations. It's Adam who talks Greg and a very pregnant Janine into replacing the Quayles as chaperones. But when Chrissie finally assumes she's got Adam all to herself in a dreamy location the nerds from a nearby cabin intrude, much to fix-it Adam's delight and Chrissie's frustration. Does she ever manage to snag Adam's attention - buy it , read it and find out - you won't be disappointed!
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