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PDF ** Some scenes are graphic in nature! Three-some sexual scenes possible! **

Can two totally different people find love?

Cherie Bonnet is the child of a gentleman planter and his placee (mixed race mistress). Diego de Aguilar was a true conquistador; a powerful duke and a captain in the Spanish Armada, and the former son-in-law of the king. From the moment he saw her, Diego had to make Cherie his own. Little did he know what keeping her would mean. Cherie?s fiance, Etienne would move heaven and earth to be with her, even if it meant sharing her with Diego.

Together, the three face the worst society has to offer and the dangers of their forbidden love. Diego must learn to let go of his inhibitions and allow love to thrive. Cherie must learn the secrets of her family's past in order to face the future, and make her unusual situation flourish.

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