Angela Horn - The Moon Rises (Gigi Monroe, #1). PDF

PDF Who is Gigi Monroe?

Waking up in a magical flare called the Circle, Gigi has no real memories and the lies placed in her mind are fading. Whoever stole her memories has also created rules in her mind.

Live in the Circle
Work at The Moon Rises
Don’t get angry

Hired as a waitress at The Moon Rises, an upscale club for the supernatural elite in the Circle, Gigi makes many new friends including feuding alpha Weres, a devious master vampire, troublemaking witches, bubble loving ghouls, and a human waitress named Sara.

When Sara is taken by a creature stealing away the human waitresses at the club, Gigi decides to find her friend. Yet facing the monster awakens something in Gigi which might have better been left to rest.

Maybe the question isn’t who Gigi Monroe is, but what is she and what might she unleash on the Circle?

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