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The sixties Batman TV show was a mix of campy humor and neutered villains, with none of the brooding, nasty-assed Batman pounding villains into a pool of jelly.Plus it included Aunt Harriet, a thirty year old Robin and the Batusi.This was a perfect mix for the sugar addled seven year old boy.Here, little Johnny have another bowl of Captain Crunch while you watch Batman.


The brain trust at DC, desperately decided to try to capture some of this “magic”, so they created this title.Well, old chum, it’s about as flat as the paper it’s printed on.Gone are the hammy performances, gone are the cameos from has-been Hollywood actors, gone are the cheap special effects, gone is the corny dialogue, gone is Julie Newmar and her groovy, skin-tight, leather costume *sigh*.

What does that leave?A crappy Batman comic that’s safe for your sugar-addled seven year old to read.


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