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Okay, now that my dirt work is over, I can think a bit more about this book. It tells the story of four women: Desiree, Christina, Margareta, and Birgitta. Their lives have not been easy, definitely not easy. There are some gruesome scenes here, and gory details that may make a squeamish reader close the book and turn away. But such things happen, and they are important to being able to understand the different personalities involved here so if you read this, be prepared.

We meet Desiree first. Born with cerebral palsy, suffering from epilepsy since birth, she is the April Witch of the title and tells us the story of her quest to find out which of the other three women lived the life that Desiree was supposed to live. Why those particular women? Because even though Desiree's mother abandoned her to the State, she later took in the three other girls as foster children. There are twists and turns, secrets gradually coming to the surface, the sorrow of a woman with a functioning brain trapped inside a derelict body and how she coped with that imprisonment.

The foster daughters are all pretending to be 'normal' but each one is seriously scarred by their childhoods: full of anger, fear, self-revulsion. this is not an easy read, it can be brutally intense. But Desiree herself makes the reading worthwhile.

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