Cara North - She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy (Country Music Collection, #2). PDF

PDF What can I say, another winner by Cara North (I really like her writing style)!This is the second book in her Country Music Collection, which by the way, the stories have nothing to do with country music except for the titles of the books.This is the second book about one of the Johnson brothers, who own a sprawling horse ranch in Montana.Heath is the brother in question this time, who was a somewhat moody, nasty guy in the previous book, "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off".This book picks up where the other one left off.The reason that Heath is so surly is that his wife left him on their wedding night, exactly one year ago.After pining for her and waiting for her to come back to him for a year, Heath finally decides to give up on her and get on with his life.But just as he makes that decision, Chance, his wife, breezes back into town.

Chance has been gone for a year, and a lot has happened in that time.Chance has been coming and going in Heath's life for many years, ever since his mother took her in as a young teenager.From time to time she would disappear from their lives for months at a time, but she would always come back.Chance wasn't always a nice person—she liked to play with Heath's feelings for her and manipulate him, but he fell in love with her anyway.But Chance never let Heath see the real person she was inside— a scared, vulnerable girl who was afraid to love.When Chance and Heath got married, she became frightened by her overwhelming love for Heath, and ran from it, hurting him terribly. While on the run she went to cooking school, and started seeing a psychiatrist to help her with her emotional problems.When she finally felt strong enough to face her fears and show Heath the person that she really was, she returned to town.But was it too late?Had she hurt Heath one too many times?Would he forgive her and take a chance on her again?

This was a very quick read, with lots and lots of sexy scenes between Heath and Chance.Although both characters are in their thirties, they needed to do a lot of growing up.They each had a problem communicating, and you could see that was the problem in their relationship.Both had major trust issues too, which they eventually were able to resolve by communicating.And once Chance began to know herself and the kind of woman she wanted to be, there was certainly no problem with their sex life.Chance and Heath set the sheets on fire!There were some sad moments in the book too, when Chance tells Heath all about her troubled past, and when Heath recalls fondly the kind of marriage his grandparents had and how much he yearns for a marriage like theirs.I was rooting for this couple all the way, and I had no doubts that they would make a success of their marriage this time.We also get a sneek peek into the next book, "One Hot Momma", which will be the story of the middle Johnson brother, Rafe, and his reluctant lady love, Layla.I can't wait to read that one!This was a nice, satisfying, erotic contemporary about trust and forgiveness, and rates a solid 4 1/2 stars from me!

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