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PDF Ever found it hard to keep your Paleo diet?

Paleo diet is usually associated with a lot of cooked meals and lots of preparation before you can sit down and just eat. This can be challenging at times, as all you really want is to grab a quick bite and be on your way to doing something else, or being somewhere else.

Well, if you ever had this problem, look no further!

In "Instant Paleo" we give you the solution. 101 solutions, to be exact.

This carefully selected collection of 101 recipes is all Paleo friendly small meals, and snacks you can prepare literally in a few minutes, and be on your way.

And the most important part:


I mean, come on...who has time to cook?

If you find yourself cheating on your Paleo diet just because of lack of time, being lazy of just plain busy - grab this book! , you'll have 101 recipes to choose from and never have to worry again about breaking your diet.

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