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PDF Born in a time when ignorance and superstition permeated their culture, Moon Flower was doomed within her isolated "Tribe with no name." Her affliction was misunderstood, casting her into the shadows where she was forced to live until brutal events practiced by a rogue 'man of the cloth' set her on a trail that did not exist, and eventually to a conditional freedom. At her side rode the handsome Comanche warrior whose life she had saved, her young son and the elusive wolf that became a part of her life. Across the burning wasteland they loved as they traveled in search of the warrior's tribe. Accepted with open arms, again she saved the life of the "God-man with pieces of the sky for eyes." With his life hanging in the balance her spirit wraps around him to give him strength to live beyond the torture that befell him. Safely within the Comanche arms, Flower finally 'became', and traveled beside her husband on the war trail as well as into captivity. Becoming a trusted confidant of the war chief, she enjoyed a rare position from which she could influence the decisions made on behalf of the entire tribe, even to the point of saving them when her belly was swollen with her husband's seed and 'death appeared riding on a black horse'. Having been forced to cross the border into the hostile land of 'the home of the Redman', later to become Oklahoma, she discovers that her greatest challenge was as yet still before her. Flower's greatest loss becomes her greatest find when she is blessed four-fold. Out of the clay banks of Red River she taught the Comanche women to build houses and homes when there were no more buffalo to feed and house them and the long promised government supplies were even longer in arriving to feed the hungry and naked Native Americans. With unbelievable strength and perseverance the bravery of this small woman set the standard that the pioneer woman became known for, even as the women of today stand toe to toe with the ever increasing challenges that threaten their home, family and very existence. A story that could have been, fiction based on historical events, Keeper of the Flame will give you an inside view of the fortunes and misfortunes forced upon the first Americans. Trapped between cultural differences, a changing era as America is settled, a government that was set on the decimation of a people and never tying to understand the magnificence of those who had lived for thousands of years on the land, and greedy for the areas they occupied, it was the women that led the changes that would alter their culture in an effort to survive. Traces of them yet live. Many of the tribes have blended as 'civilization' has whittled their numbers away. Some of the tribes have had wise chieftains that has guided them towards prosperity, such as the Choctaws and Cherokees, but those are other stories waiting to be told from a different perspective. This writer being a member of the Choctaw tribe, she always 'sees' the story from the Indian's and women's point of view. It is a good place to be.

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