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PDF A generation after Charles I's execution in 1649, his son James II also lost his throne in the Glorious Revolution of 1688. This illustrated narrative history charts the major issues and crises of James' turbulent life and reign using unique and little known material, from state papers to personal correspondence, in The National Archives.Triumph and tragedy abound: James' capture during the civil wars was followed by a daring escape and a successful military career in exile on the Continent; his position as heir apparent to Charles II was thrown into doubt by his unshakeable commitment to Catholicism; and his popularity on accession ended with his spectacular fall from power just three years later. The wider implications of his personal tragedy range from the Jacobite rebellions of the next sixty years to the growth of parliamentary power and the development of government in the American colonies; moreover his efforts to return England to the Catholic faith continue to resonate in Northern Ireland to this day.Featured documents include: * James being cross-questioned by Parliament, the year before his father's execution* James denouncing the 'Popish Plot' which aimed to put him on the throne* James' note to William of Orange in the hours after Charles II's death* An account of James' defeat by William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne

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