Conrad Jones - Hunting Angels Dark Teen (The Hunting Angels Diaries (teen shorts) Book 2). PDF

PDF Hunting Angels is the first in a series of shorts, which follow on from 'A Child for the Devil and Nine Angels.'

When an author is forced to go on the run, wanted in connection with three murders and hunted by a powerful cult, he has no choice but become the hunter.

When an author is asked to help the police with the investigation into a double murder by identifying occult symbols, which had been carved into the victims, he is plunged into nightmare and forced to go on the run. Hunted by law and a powerful cult, he has to stay one step ahead to survive.
Yes it's as the description says only so much more!
This book is very believable and to be honest it got me a little bit scared!(guess that serves me right for looking up things quoted in the book ;) )
I found it evoked all emotions from me from giggling to oh my goodness and fear.
Loved the beginning bit this certainly draws you in making this a very gripping read (couldn't wait to turn the pages) so much so I read it in one sitting:)
The story line was fab! The ending was absolutely amazing! Characters were very well described and other things were
descriptive enough to imagine being there!
If you like `dark' you will love this!

Following the original novella 'Nine Angels' with the full length A Child for the Devil, the diaries are as chilling as the original novel and follow on from the story. If this doesn't become a TV series, I'll eat my boxer shorts! ; Liverbird reviews.

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