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PDF A collapsed global economy. And a world gone to hell. People going postal. There seems but two things to do: cave in to the herculean pressures, or use them to transform from the human to the transhuman. So are born the Renaissance types of the early 21st Century.

One in particular, Robin Wakefield, may be destined to lead them. If only he can steepen his learning curve, and keep his own mind from imploding, before one of the Renaissance figures, in the absence of proper mentoring, takes out the rest of the planet.

His first challenge will be to survive the trials by fire that will transform him from a person of modest means into someone who is beyond even genius. On the other side of the initiations lies a realm of magic and wonder only a handful of Zen masters throughout history have reputedly ever reached. A place where teleportation, being in more than one place at once, and other miracles are commonplace. But so far, no one living has survived all the tests.

The above comments pertain to Renaissance 2.0: Volume 1, Books 1-5, which form a continuous story arc.

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