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Pam's first ten minutes on Nyorfias as the dominant mindforce in Rett's body
almost flushes the sergeant's notable military record down the nearest
toilet. At first refusing to believe this can be anything but a dream, Pam
humors her "dream character" and tries-unsuccessfully-not to interfere.

Neither know they are part of something beyond imaginable scope—a universal
Game in which there are no second chances. Failure threatens all coherent
lifeforms in the small two-planet Nyorfian system.

Hoping for the survival of Nyorfias, Pheasyce, a neophyte entity who
protects the Nyorfian system in this "Game", merges Pam, the imaginative
dreamer from Earth, with the jaded Nyorfian soldier, Rett, who is,
unknowingly, Pheasyce's pivotal Player, the Knight-Protector.

An uneasy bond forms from this enforced meeting of minds. As they find a
middle ground, both women discover hidden strengths in the other, and join
efforts to end the twelve years of war against the agents of evil trying to
enslave the Nyorfian system.

In Book One of Journey to Nyorfias, Rett struggles with the new battleground
within—and keeping it a secret. The grudging alliance between the two women
from very different worlds grows into a tentative trust. And, as they
encounter the dangers and horrors of war together, a friendship blossoms
through shared experiences of laughter and tears, elation and terror, love
and death.

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