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PDF Jesus has a present-day ministry. He is no longer physically here, but His ministry continues in the lives of believers, just as if He were. Christ, living in us and through us, can continue His mission on earth.

Christians today are being called to manifest nothing less than the present-day ministry of Christ: Jesus manifesting himself fully and completely through us, unhindered, in the person of the Holy Spirit, so He can fulfill His purposes on a daily, hourly, and moment-by-moment basis. Jesus fulfilled His present-day ministry through the early church in the lives of Peter and other believers, and those God-wrestlers turned the world upside down!

Jesus told His disciples they would see greater things than what He had already done. We are yearning to see this today. We want to see His prophecies fulfilled and His prayers answered. We want the visitation of Jesus that the disciples had.

"Mike Evans has lived a life of incredible impact for Christ. In The Kiss of God, he shares the power that is available to every believer when we die to the flesh and live fully under the control of the Holy Spirit-it's not only God's recipe for authentic Christianity but for genuine revival!"
-Bill McCartney, Founder of Promise Keepers

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