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PDF Vermes is internationally recognized for pioneering biblical scholarship as well as for the definitive English translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now he takes readers on a journey thru the New Testament to reveal the true historical figure of Jesus hidden beneath the oldest Gospels. How was this Palestinian charismatic transformed by later generations into the heavenly savior elaborated by the Christian Church? Vermes acts as a sensitive, learned & thought-provoking guide. His account presents the fruit of both a lifetime's scholarship & a lifelong quest to understand a solitary giant among Jewish prophets.
Prologue: From Christ to Jesus
John: the odd man out among the Evangelists
The Jesus of John: messiah figure or stranger from heaven
Paul: the odd man out among the Apostles
The Christ of Paul: Son of God & universal redeemer of mankind
The Jesus of the Acts of the Apostles: prophet, Lord & Christ
The Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels: charismatic healer & teacher & eschatological enthusiast
Beneath the Gospels: the real Jesus
The real Jesus at the dawn of the third millennium
Epilogue: A dream

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